Using the YL-100 Soil Moisture Sensor


You can find a cheap Chinese soil moisture sensor labeled YL-100. But it’s hard to find working instructions on how to use it. This article intends to fill this gap.

Zerocash 1.0 user guide


Zerocash is a new protocol that provides a privacy-preserving version of Bitcoin. Zcash is currently only available for Linux.

Squid ­ An example of a simple proxy­server configuration


Squid is a powerful proxy­server having a flexible configuration. While there are plenty of graphical user interfaces available for his proxy­server adjustment, this article addresses its simplest configuration by using the command line of Debian/Ubuntu operating systems, with the statistics displayed. As a result, you will have the proxy­server running and being capable of managing and granting access to a multitude of users while monitoring the proxy’s activity.