Oss-it offers you reliable IT solutions. Remote administration, automation, ensuring the information security, setting up distributed networks and ip­telephony, counseling services and technical support – these are the main fields of the oss­-it activity. We are working with an open­source GNU/Linux software, as well as with commercially available systems, such as Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS.

GNU/Linux is an open­source software (i.e., it is free of charge and its source code is completely open for use and customization) that is being developed by a world­wide community. As lately as a few years ago, the GNU/Linux software was not meeting the basic requirements of most users; being too difficult to learn, it was mostly addressed to professionals. Since then, many of Linux versions have rapidly become extremely user­friendly and easy to learn (for example, Ubuntu is available for free download and does not require any special skills to be instantly deployed on your computer without even installing it).

Oss­-it provides solutions for a complete or partial migration to an open­source software, allowing you to cut the licensing expenses. Our solutions are of special value for companies having a lot of computers spanned across a distributed organizational structure with remote workplaces. For example, we can build a custom installation that shall suit a typical workplace and may also contain some specific and necessary programs, already configured in such way that an employee can quickly create a personal workplace on any computer.

We can assist you in finding the best lightweight open­source solution for older computers, making sure that it meets all modern standards and requirements. In today’s world, one cannot overestimate the technology­related impact on the planet, and recycling the old electronics is the least we can do to improve the environment condition.