To educational institutions

The technical support services for educational institutions

Oss-it helps classrooms and lecture halls migrate their workstations to Linux and open-source software. We offer you our assistance in solving the following tasks:

1. The installation of a Linux operation system on classroom machines. (While we recommend installing the AltLinux School 5, a tutor is free to suggest any other specific educational Linux package instead).
2. The configuration of networks and providing access to the Internet.
3. Setting up and customizing additional educational software and applications.
4. Wiring up an external equipment (e.g., printers, scaners, interactive projectors, etc.)
5. A migration of the personnel workstations (principal, management and accounting) to a popular version of Ubuntu with preserving all required Windows software by using a special free educational WINE@Etersoft license.
6. The registration at the Expert zone.
7. The registration at the portal and a special Linux package setup.
8. The installation of a Linux content filter.
9. The setup and configuration of a free-of-charge content filter on undergraduate machines, restricting the access to unwanted resources on the Internet within an entire institutional network.
10. The design and wiring of local networks in an educational institution’s classrooms.
11. The maintenance and technical support of classroom workstations.

We provide our technical support services both remotely (via a network connection, or over the phone), and locally (by commissioning a specialist at the place).

The initial support service is free-of-charge, enabling us to solve up to ten issues remotely or making for a single personal visit at our expense.

We make sure that each new support ticket is addressed within two business days.

We provide group coaching and personal training.

Oss-it experts give occasional lectures spreading the rudimentary knowledge of using and managing Linux software among communities and individuals. To be informed about the upcoming sessions, feel free to join our anonymous newsletter.

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