pyGtkRDP is a simple graphical application for freerdp or rdesktop connections

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pyGtkRDP is a simple GUI for freerdp-x11 or rdesktop connections, written in python3. The application provides the ability to preset terminal connection parameters by the administrator and a graphical connection interface for the user.

The program window allows enter a user name and password, with an option to save them, and offers two connection options: local and external. The RDP connection options are prescribed in the source code, at the start of the file.

This application has been used for several years by one of our customers, on office microcomputers and on employees’ personal laptops as a terminal client. Local and external connections in this case differed not only in ip-addresses, but also in connection parameters affecting its quality and speed. The original source code used python2 and gtk2, pyGtkRDP version 1.3 adapted to python3 and gtk3.

The source code of the current version:

As practice has shown, free implementations of RDP, rdesktop and FreeRDP, sometimes independently of each other incorrectly display the elements of the interface of some Windows applications, so in the source code there was a possibility of rapidly changing them. The current command line is adapted for FreerRDP. If you want to use rdesktop or other RDP client, change the source code accordingly.

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