Open sorce software

The development and integration of solutions based on an open­source software, licensing

In today’s Russia, the debates around open­source software are hotter than ever. Recurrent authority visits are frequent in some regions upon often requests of proprietors. Many successful enterprises shy away from pirated software as it poses unjustified risks to their business, forcing more and more Russians to think of licensing their software.

We are happy to assist our customers in acquiring appropriate licenses and cutting their licensing expenses by universally or selectively adopting open­source software.

The open­source paradigm embraces a variety of software solutions that are published under free licenses and legally permit (“authorize”) their users to install, run, as well as freely use, learn, distribute and modify these programs at their discretion.

In the quest for finding the tools that best meet the requirements and capacities of each customer, our experts research and inquire for any opportunity to cut the software licensing costs. Surprisingly to many of our clients, the economy resulting from adopting these tools is often substantial.

Equipped with these tools, an institution or enterprise can adopt the open­source software either by gradually and continuously integrating it with the living and established organization structure, or by universally accepting the open­source standards where possible and appropriate.