An example of a network running under a Linux­server at a web development office


In an office of a small and fast evolving web development studio located in Sochi our company has installed and configured a local server running under an open source software and securing all means necessary to host and test web sites at low hardware costs. For the web hosting management we decided upon a free and open source version of the Virtualmin dashboard.

VkCrypt ­ Encrypting the VK social net’s messenger


Let us introduce our friends that have recently implemented an approach to make chatting in the Vkontakte social net secure, by using the AES encrypting algorithm. This technology ensures that the correspondence is kept privately and remains unavailable to not only providers, but to the VK itself. The encryption is performed on the side of a web browser by a plug­in that is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome/Chromium. The plug­in’s open source code is provided by SourceForge.

Testimonials from our clients and customers


We are open for partnership and provide personal service to everyone, making some of our customers and clients show their special appreciation towards us. This site has been provided a new customers and clients page where we hope to continue publishing the acknowledgements for our work and service.

Oss­-it rebranding


Our organization has undergone a rebranding, resulting in its logo and name being changed. The new name stands for “open source software and information technology”, oss­-it for short.

Our input to the “Linux to Schools” project


As part of the “Linux to schools” project (an initiative of our friends – Soft Consulting IT Center), the employees of our company assist the schools of Tula city and region in adopting the open source software.

You are welcome


Hello, this is the first blog entry on oss-it organization. Today, 1 Chaos 3176, we are pleased to announce the public opening of our resource.